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The humans were lurking around the perimeter of the refuge again, but there would be no fooling the parade this time. Alice and Terrance had devised an elaborate plan after the last incident, which was designed to end this harassment once and for all. It was a cruel and sadistic scheme to be sure, but they were determined to see it through, and it wasn’t as if any of the other seventeen amongst them had balked when being told about it. In fact, they were all quite enthusiastic and eager to get started.

Two humans had killed their dear friend Gerard, which was still an open and aching wound amongst all of the pachyderms. They had all seen something like it before, but this occasion had been especially disturbing. First Gerard had been shot in his flank by one of the humans, who let out a cheer as Gerard wheezed and his legs gave way. Another human then ran at him and shot again, which officially felled their friend. Everyone had watched it all progress while concealed in the forest and high grasslands, but were mute as it happened, out of both shock and fear of being seen.

Then the worst of it happened. Over the course of what felt to the parade like days, the humans sawed off Gerard’s tusks and packed them into a vehicle. They sped away, laughing, leaving their comrade’s corpse lying in the dust. Slowly the elephants emerged to examine the carnage and wailed at what they saw. Their trumpeting could be heard for miles in every direction. It was then that Terrance began talking to Alice about revenge. Their plan was hatched over a long discussion that night and pitched the next morning to the others, who quickly agreed to participate.

And now another set of humans had arrived. Everyone hid and held their breath as they awaited Alice’s signal. The humans were still joking with one another and unsheathing their weapons when it came, and the parade charged, surrounding the hunters before they could do anything but panic and drop their guns, quaking in fear. The humans were prodded by tusks and marched to the large pool of water. Beside it was a bonfire with several large stones around the perimeter.

Twelve of the elephants began pushing the stones into the water, which heated quickly in response. The humans continued to shudder in terror, still surrounded by a crowd of pachyderms. Soon the pool had warmed to an ideal temperature between 160 and 180 degrees. Alice motioned again and the four humans were pushed forward into the water as the group encircled them. Slowly they’d cook, leaving their outside burnt and hardened, while their organs and muscles liquified inside them. The humans screamed in agony as the parade trumpeted once more, but now with triumph.

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