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Sorry I’m late. I was going to the bathroom before I left home, but then I dropped my phone in the toilet and couldn’t call to let you know I’d be late. So I had to put it into a bag of rice to dry it out since my train ticket is electronic and on my phone. There wasn’t really any way around having to wait given that part of the scenario. I can’t be here if I can’t ride the train, right? So that was the first setback.

After an hour, I took the phone out of the bag of rice was relieved to find that it worked again, but it seemed kind of hiccupy, so I opened a few apps to see if using it would get it back to normal. The good news is that using it did appear to help, but the bad news is when I opened up Instagram, I was immediately confronted with a picture of my ex, looking sexy as ever but on vacation with someone else! We were still together just two months ago. How could she move on from me so fast?

Well, I had no choice but to get on Twitter and complain about it, as that’s the one account of she never followed and therefore wouldn’t see. Unfortunately, no one else really follows me either except for some porn bots, so I was basically tweeting into the abyss for an hour. I was still really upset though, so I stalked her on Facebook for a little while, hunting for clues about this new mystery man. It turns out he’s a big gamer guy, so I opened Twitch and checked out his channel.

Now, I don’t use Twitch that much, so it took me like 45 minutes to figure out what I was doing and watch some of his highlights. Of course I don’t like him, but I will say he’s pretty talented at gaming. Anyway, it was around this time that I noticed the phone’s battery was nearly dead, so I had to wait around to charge it. I mean, even if it lived long enough to get me onto the train, how was I going to keep gathering intel on this new dude my ex is seeing? But once it was charged, I ran straight out the door to the train, and now I’m here. Whew!

Well, yeah, I guess I could have called after that first hour, but who even does that anymore?

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