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Some said days, some said weeks, but everyone was in agreement that her legs went on for a very long ways. The stories sounded insane, and Eric finally decided he’d heard enough. No woman’s legs could be as mesmerizing as what was being described. The only solution was for him to go and investigate the matter himself and gauge just exactly how much of the reports were being exaggerated. His friends told him the woman was still down at the beach, where he promptly headed.

The sun’s reflection on the ocean was particularly blinding that day, but even half-blind, Eric realized his friends may have been giving him more accurate descriptions than he’d suspected. There they were, gleaming on the sand like a beacon. His breath quickened as he stopped in his tracks, unsure what to do next. Approach her? His pulse raced at even the thought. But maybe he could just stroll along the shoreline and pass by for a better look. That would be fairly unassuming.

Eric lowered his sunglasses and walked to the water, where he stopped and turned toward her. Her legs were outstretched parallel to the shore, so he would have a generous opportunity for inspection. She appeared to be reading a book, but it was difficult to tell from this distance. He steeled himself and started his approach. The idea was to pass by at a decent clip so as not to seem too obsessed, yet already he was struggling to look away from the legs. He felt almost hypnotized.

After a couple of minutes, he reached her and concluded his friends had, if anything, undersold the beauty. These were the most gorgeous legs he’d ever seen in person or anywhere else, and it wasn’t close. As he walked by, he attempted to smile but found he couldn’t break eye contact from her calves. It was as if there was a tractor beam on his head that kept it swiveled and locking his gaze with her lower half. Even if his sunglasses were properly disguising where he eyes were staring, his neck position was a dead giveaway.

Embarrassed, Eric tried to hurry past her. Yet the faster he tried to walk, the slower his progress became. It was like he was on a treadmill and was unable to make progress down the beach beyond her waist. He finally broke his leer to turn and look at the ocean, which confirmed he was indeed walking further and further from where he’d started. But when he turned back to the woman, he appeared to be in precisely the same spot as before. Now starting to panic, Eric broke into a trot, and when that made no difference, a flat out run.

He sprinted, he jogged, he dashed, but never even got to her knees. Finally he collapsed onto the sand and looked around him to determine where he was, studiously avoiding making eye contact with the legs again. Eric didn’t recognize his surroundings, and in looking at his smart watch, he realized he’d traveled nearly twenty miles on foot. It was also three days later than when he’d set out, confirming that even the metaphors for this woman’s legs were understatements. He let out a laugh, took one last look at her beauties, and leapt into the surf.

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