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Inspiration space

January 28th, 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yep, this is my writing shed. I deliberately put it out here in the backyard to make sure I would get out of the house and not get distracted. The key to writing successfully is minimizing your external inputs and honing your attention onto the task at hand. I’ve done in from my home office, the kitchen table, and even a nook in the basement, and I can tell you that this is the most productive space I’ve ever used for composition.

Of course, there’s no bathroom out here, which is occasionally problematic, considering I guzzle coffee compulsively while I write. So that makes me have to go back into the house fairly often, at least when I elect not to pee in the corner of the yard. My neighbor’s kid saw me doing that once though, and let’s just say my relationship with the family has deteriorated since, so I try not to exercise that option anymore.

Also, the coffee maker is in the kitchen, so I have to go back in for refills as well. I had considered buying another one to bring to my shed after I got the electricity hooked up out here, but it turned out I broke the circuit every time I turned it on due to power overload on the breaker. Apparently between my laptop, white noise machine (a must for honing the mind!), three lava lamps for ambience, and the heavy duty air conditioner unit for maximal comfort, one more device was just too much. So I have to go inside for my coffee. Oh, there’s the dehumidifier in here too. I vape a lot.

Yeah, you can’t believe my level of prose productivity when I’m out here. I vape and slam coffee like a maniac while I stare at these gorgeous lava blobs through the white noise and bask in the cool air of my A/C unit, and just feel INSPIRED! There’s so much for me to say with the written word, I can barely stay inside my own head while I’m in here! But then I usually have to go to the bathroom again, so my progress on the novel is kind of herky-jerky. I did get halfway through the outline for the first chapter yesterday, though, which felt great!

Okay, fine. A quarter of the way.

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