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The sailor man

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Aye, I loved me Olive. She did more for me than the spinach ever could, if I’m being honest. But when it came down to it, I didn’t feel I had a choice. She was my light, but Swee’pea was my boy, and the guardian instinct just took over. Bluto had finally gone off the deep end and there was no simple exit available. All I could do was follow my gut, and even with it full of spinach, I agreed to let Olive plunge to her doom.

When I got to the bridge, Bluto was dangling both of them over the side. He snarled at me in a way I’d never seen before. I frankly felt scared, which I hadn’t experienced in years. He had clearly gotten into the seaweed and was shouting crazily, demanding that I choose who lived. Olive was shrieking, but Swee’pea just looked at me coldly, which frightened me even more. Everything had shifted under my sea legs and I had never seen it coming.

I tried to persuade Bluto to talk it through, but he was coming unhinged and I was now panicking. Everything felt unfamiliar but it was obvious I had to do something, so I said, “Drop the lady!” I had a premonition I could catch her before she fell, but he threw her like a baseball downward as soon as I spoke. There was no chance for me without going over the side myself, and the moment afforded me the chance to seize my boy again.

Then Bluto jumped. Between the crazed look in his eyes as he leapt and Olive’s screaming as she dropped, I’ll probably never sleep again. The day ruined my life. I’ve got my boy, but I’ve lost my light. And no amount of spinach in the world can fill that hole.

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