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Car talk

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Okay. Let’s go, buddy. Come on. Christ, there’s always one. Let’s g…okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Sort of anyway. Jesus, pal, there’re two pedals. You can use them both, you know! Christ. Okay. Yep, there you go. Get over there and I can sneak around you…now! See you later, guy. God, what a moron.

Yeah, I’m running down a dream…working on a mystery…going wherever it le…now what the hell is this? Since when is this road under construction? Son of a bitch! Yeah, I see you, lady. Just merge. Just m…okay, there we go. Damn. What the hell is going on though? They’re not even doing anything in these lanes! There’s just a bunch of cones and a goddamn traffic jam!

Okay. Back on track. Let’s see…shit, 11:22? Maybe I can still make the interview, but I really need to hurry. No more dumbasses in my way. Just free and clear an…don’t you cut me off, you prick! Damn it! What did I just say, asshole? Unbelievable! Well, I’m passing you on this side, buddy. Get the fuck off my road. Okay. 11:24. Shit.

Damn it, I forgot that light’s up there! 11:25 and I’m still seven minutes away. Christ! How bad does it look to show up late for a scheduling manager interview? Fuck! Get out of my way, you shithead. We can still make it through the intersection if you just get mo…damn! Fuck it, I’m cutting over here and running the light and OH SHI

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