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(SHELIA and ROBYN are talking and drinking coffee as RANDY walks in)

RANDY: Good morning, ladies!

SHEILA: Morning.

ROBYN: Hey, Randy.

RANDY: Big day, huh? Democrats are taking back the House and now someone can finally keep Trump in check!

SHEILA: Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

ROBYN: I just think it’s great that Nancy Pelosi is speaker again. I really admire her.

RANDY: Well, I don’t know about that…

SHEILA: And the caucus has so many more women now, which is inspiring.

ROBYN: Oh, absolutely.

RANDY: Sure, that’s a good thing. But I’m just hoping they impeach the president.

SHEILA: That’s never seemed like a smart political play to me. The best move is to instill as much oversight as possible and then beat him in 2020.

ROBYN: You mean, “then Elizabeth Warren beats him in 2020.”

RANDY: Okay, sure. Maybe that is a better way to handle the politics. But Warren could never get more votes than Trump in the general.

SHEILA: Why not? She’s smart and has proved to have popular ideas.

RANDY: I don’t know, she’s just…so….

ROBYN: Female?

RANDY: What? Oh, I have no problem with that! I just don’t think she has any charisma, I guess.

SHEILA: How about Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden? Do they?

RANDY: Sure! Biden more than Sanders, but they’re both electable. I’d vote for either guy.

ROBYN: What about Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand?

RANDY: I don’t know. Neither seems very…telegenic to me. And you definitely need that to be president.

SHEILA: But Sherrod Brown…

RANDY: Lesser name recognition, but I think he’d do really well, don’t you?

ROBYN: Yet Amy Klobuchar…

RANDY: Eh, she’s just not captivating. Hard to see casting that ballot.

SHEILA: (looking at watch) Well, I think Robyn and I have to go.

ROBYN: It’s certainly that time.

RANDY: Okay, ladies. Have a great day!

SHEILA: (over her shoulder from the hall) Corey Booker.

RANDY: He’d be great!

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