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That’s how I’d characterize it. There’s no unimpeachable “data set” that shows “children” born into a certain “1%” of society actually have “silver spoons” in their mouths when they’re “officially birthed.” It’s a complete oversimplification. The numbers are murky and complex, and frankly, they’re something that’s best left to the pros, like me. I grasp these metrics better than you ever could.

To say that every single subject’s “inner cheeks” were “horribly tarnished” would be technically and “legally” false, if stated precisely that way. It’s important to understand how much data there is to wade through here. The “publicly available data and photos” of “babies of the uber rich with spoon handles protruding from their mouths” do not paint the full picture. Things are much more complicated than that.

More to the point, I’d say you should leave these “innocent babes” alone until we can make sure their “parents” arrive to pick them up and again. I’ll remind you to calm down and “trust” me. “Eat the rich” is such an ugly slogan, and I have the data to prove this “silver spoon” thing wrong. Weren’t you arguing the “technicalities of the case” too?

No? Well, maybe we can “start over” and what are you “doing” and no “no” no gAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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