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Wisdom of the booze fog

December 3rd, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today my head smarts
Like it’s full of darts
From staying up late with the rum
And yes I barfed it
Onto the carpet
Which I admit looks pretty dumb

But even us sots
Have interesting thoughts
And can offer rich depths to plumb
I’d many last night
Each one very bright
Don’t just think of me as a bum

Take the flying car
Its reality afar
I considered it as my head swum
Just make them be goers
With a thousand leaf blowers
All on pivots and in constant hum

There’s the dire wage gap
It’s a lot to unwrap
One side gets rich and one gets crumbs
So grab half the men
Lock them in pens
Weight the ladies’ side with our thumbs

Or global warming
It’s nature transforming
The climate for all and not merely some
Create tons of ice
With that hotel device
Pile it outside and cooling comes

Just don’t be so quick
To condemn my sick
Without calculating the sum
Pack up your cringes
It’s these very binges
Where the best ideas are from

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