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New phone, who diss

November 21st, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s got the features, bro. 7.4″ screen, dual camera, facial recognition, everything. Form-fitting design that’s sculpted to fit your palm ergonomically. This seriously has it all, dude.

A diss track? Well, there’s a huge variety of ringtones available, and of course there are tons of ways to stream music, so…

Well, sure. You can record whatever you like on video, or just audio if you prefer. Right, right. Just press here an-

Motherfucker motherboard
Come at me Verizon lord
And explain these bill details
Data, roaming, your travails
‘Cause your backstop is so cheap
You all’s service makes you weep
Fostering brains like cheap sieves

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