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The history of the Fall Classic added another fascinating chapter Thursday night when the Orioles topped the Diamondbacks 5-4 with a walk-off double in the eleventh inning to take a 2-1 series lead. Xergyn Malomar provided the heroics in the end, finally putting the game to bed at 3:30 am Eastern.

Game 4 of the 2087 World Series starts tonight at 8:37 pm Eastern from Baltimore, assuming the roving gangs disperse in time. Law enforcement officials have assured issued a statement early this morning that stated appropriate measures would be taken to remove any menacing activity. Officers have been authorized to shoot to kill.

The game began as a pitcher’s duel between Orioles ace No@h33 Jensen and Cy Young candidate U.B. Preflynn from Arizona, but was quickly derailed by outside influences. Intense solar winds threatened to disintegrate them both through the first three innings, knocking Jensen out after 2.2 innings and chasing Preflynn after three.

Left fielder Marulapeen Ji rocketed a solo home run into center in the top of the second for Arizona, to which Baltimore responded immediately with four consecutive singles, plating two. Ji was then consumed by a tidal wave off the Chesapeake and sucked out to sea. He marks the third outfielder of the club to suffer the same fate. Hod Lrggn replaced him in left.

The Diamondbacks managed two walks in the third before shortstop 7463992aa9 belted a homer just as an earthquake triggered along the Ramapo Fault Line and swallowed up the first base side of the stadium. The ball cleared the right field wall milliseconds before disappearing into the crater along with the wall. The score was 4-2, D-backs.

But Yeighlen Mapsly, after a mostly forgettable season, came through to even it up with a shot over the centerfield wall just before it was consumed by the chasm, following a walk by Malomar. From there on, it was a battle just to stay on solid ground, as the aftershocks continued and waves swept two more players and several fans out to sea.

Nearly all of the outfield had collapsed when Malomar hit the game-winner just over the gorge’s rim, but no one was leaping into that. The remaining crowd along the third base line cheered as the few left in right field continued rending their garments and wailing.

Don’t miss game 4 tonight!

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