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Thumbing elsewhere

October 15th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Welcomes will always wear out. It’s in their definition. That was the case with Helena, and everyone before her, so here I stand on the side of the road. Waiting for a ride again.

Some people are boulders and some are paper in the wind, and we never fit together for long. The entire relationship is obsessing over the scissors but for very different reasons. It creates so much friction, and who needs it? So here I stand.

I’ve always experienced relationships as chapters in a book. Eventually you turn the page and get to the next chapter. This is an unpopular viewpoint though, as proven again this morning, which is why I’m here. Waiting for a ride again.

I had a gig outside Nashville once, working as a furniture salesman. On my second day, these kids came in and tried to set a showroom couch on fire. They ran when I caught them, and I tripped one up. He crashed into the coffee table and split his skull in half. Before he could bleed out, the paramedics showed up and stabilized him, but they fired me before I ever learned the rest of the story. Seems like a safe bet that he died though.

So here I stand. You’re headed west, right? Think you could give me a ride?

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