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Her name danced on my eardrums

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I recognized that she was different immediately. There was something enigmatic in the way she carried herself, a je ne sais quoi. For a moment, I was convinced I could see a halo hovering over her, though that turned out to be from a smudge on my glasses. Still, there was no mistaking that she was special, more unique than I’d ever encountered, and my heart thrummed with excitement. As I began edging my way toward the coffee shop’s counter to get nearer to her, a barista shouted “Aura!” and she retrieved that very order.

Aura. Of course. Her name danced on my eardrums, and I closed my eyes briefly with the satisfaction of witnessing a circle completed. A perfect moniker for a stunning individual, the beauty of the apt. I was rudely brought back into the moment when a woman behind me demanded I hurry up and order. My spell was momentarily broken, though from the corner of my eye I could see Aura glance back at the sudden din at the counter. Had she noticed me? I quickly requested a latte and moved to the side, where I had an improved line of sight on her once more.

She found a table near the window and settled in, seemingly content with her iced mocha. The sun shone brighter through the pane than ever. I was openly staring when my name was called for my beverage, lurching me back into the moment and forcing the inevitable crisis: would I approach her or simply bask in her presence until she left and was nothing more than a vivid yet wistful memory? My nerves were jangled terribly at the thought of letting this balloon of potential float away, yet I was equally nervous by my alternative. Life only spins around once though, so I sucked in a breath and walked across the room, knees gelatinous.

“Excuse me, Aura? Is this seat taken?” I offered when I reached her. “Excuse me?” she inquired in a perfect angelic sonority. My head swam, though I recovered from the aural bliss enough to repeat, “I was wondering if this seat was taken?” Her dainty and beatific nose scrunched up slightly as she said, “What did you call me again?” It was then I realized I had made an error in my approach and quickly switched into the flattery lane. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I overheard the barista say your name back there,” I explained, “and it struck me as the ideal name for someone as dazzling as yourself. Aura. It’s magnificent.” I beamed, having finally stated my true thoughts aloud.

“My name is Laura,” she responded, “and no, you can’t sit here.” To call her voice euphonious would be insulting. It occurred to me that this moment would be the most opportune to be struck deaf, with her voice the last to enter my mind. What else could I ever desire? “Can’t you fucking hear?” Aura asked. “I’m telling you to go away, you creep.” I felt as if I was being raptured, floating upon a cloud, weightless. My speech had been rendered mute, and unable to respond, I simply smiled at her once more, hoping to convey my utter infatuation. I’m sure my pulse remained quickened, but I was aware of nothing but her presence right then.

Aura stood. “You’re an asshole,” her silvery tongue purred. “I’m fucking out of here.” The voices of a thousand angels harmonized with her statement as she turned and walked through the door in a cloud of winsomeness and grace. Dizzy with enchantment, I fell into her former seat, which still possessed a trace of her hypnotic scent. I felt as if I had melted there, unable to move, having just encountered a modern Venus de Milo. Frozen in my mystical elation, I remained at the table in a blessed trance until the manager finally kicked me out. Aura. Nothing could ever compare.

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