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Blind date

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The date? Oh, it was fine. Nice, actually. He picked me up on time, almost to the minute, and we went out to a lovely Moroccan restaurant before going to see a band that was playing in the park. They were this folksy kind of rock. Not really my thing, but I still enjoyed the show. They were the Gremlins, I think? Gargoyles? Whatever. Anyway, it was a nice night out, really. So thanks for setting me up with him. I hadn’t done one of those in years, and this was far and away the best experience I’ve had.

Another date? Well, I don’t know. I kind of hedged at the end of the night when he asked and I said I was traveling for work and would text him when I get back. No, I don’t actually have to go anywhere. It’s just…have you ever seen him in short sleeves? No, right? Because he’s always wearing a suit at the office, I assume. Well, it’s…different. He rolled up his sleeves once our food was served and I had a really hard time thinking about anything else the rest of the night.

There’s…a lot of it. A lot. Which is fine, some guys are just hairy. I’ve had boyfriends like that before, but it’s not evenly distributed on him. At all. There are, like, tufts. Think of pompons that got glued to his arms randomly. Or if a lawnmower went rogue and just started zig zagging all over the place, making crazy patterns in the grass, but only after it had grown three feet high. Say there were miles and miles of those huge snow fences you see out west, but only at severe angles and they just collect huge piles of tumbleweeds instead.

It’s distracting! I honestly thought there were small animals on him at first. So, I’m not so sure about doing it again. God, can you imagine what his chest must look like? I bet most Dr. Suess illustrations would be less baffling to encounter in the real world. It would be a hair salon’s floor coming to life. So I don’t know. I have to think about if I can get past it and go out with him a second time. Maybe we can go to a place that always has the air conditioning set really low so the sleeves stay in place.

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