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Swimming through concrete

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The drug took effect more quickly than Alonzo had anticipated. The IV’s input had been switched from saline to a Benadryl-like drip, and though the nurse had alerted him to the change, he was still somehow caught off guard. His eyelids drooped as his alertness faculties struggled to hang on, but to no avail. A blurry image of the doctor entering the room was the last image he could process before the world abruptly turned black as night.

Yet while his outward consciousness was shut down and the medical workers went about the procedure, the drug was needling his cortex with an intense dreamlike experience. Details were difficult to identify, images fading in and out sans any clarity and in mysterious color schemes. Though his body was numb to him, he felt as if floating in oatmeal, swallowed with lumpy gravity. A low-pitched white noise ebbed and flowed about him, engulfing him as well.

A voice called to him in the distance. A remote light appeared and began to crawl nearer. The fog that had enveloped Alfonzo began to lift, dissipating into the fading darkness. His body returned and the surroundings began to flutter into view. Then just like that, it was over. Back in reality, he lifted his head from the pillow and found himself in the recovery room, the procedure apparently over. His head dropped back to the gurney, disappointed knowing he’d never find that drug on the street.

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