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Don’t go

September 30th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ever since we were kids growing up, I always felt like I could tell you anything, but now that you’re leaving, I’m speechless. I’ve spent forever wishing today would never come true. I hate those memories and I hate right now and I hate the fucking future. So go. Just go.

Remember the time out by the ravine, racing down the trail on our bikes, when I skidded over the ridge and just managed to cling to a root system long enough for you to reach down and rescue me? I know you do, even if it never came up. I constantly imagined you as someone in hero mode at all times, bouncing from crisis to crisis. Perpetually saving the world. Why would you recall a silly cliffhanger like mine surrounded in a world like that?

And you know, maybe I’d feel better if I believed you had no recollection of that day. Another entry in the spreadsheet of the valiant. Just a number, an intrepid integer. We were more than math though. We were art, which is why our equation ending unsolved is all the more devastating. Because I know it meant the world to you too. And everything now is fucking ruinous. I can’t believe you have to go.

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