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How the hell should I know how it works? I just work here, man. All I know is the MMM-POOF MMM-POOF MMM-POOF the machine makes all day. It’s like I work in the goddamn club, that sound. This monster spits out more product than anywhere else in the country though, or so I’m told. It’s hard to know, really. I’ve tried Googling it, but I couldn’t even find another cloud manufacturer, let alone anything about the machinery involved. So it’s a secretive industry, even to people working within it, like me. MMM-POOF.

I started here as a kid, working the vapor intakes on the roof, making sure their humidity settings were functional. Boring stuff to be sure, but I gradually made my way inside to the floor and eventually to the control panel of the prize of the plant, the Cumulo 2200. Good old MMM-POOF herself. Took me thirty-five years to achieve standing here amongst all the levers, though it’s true that I still don’t understand how this beast puts it all together.

Standing out back is a real sight too. Cirrus and cumulus and stratus and on and on in this crazy parade that’s just farting out the side of the building. We’re located off the beaten path, but the highway is still close enough that we have to have confused some drivers passing by over the years. At a distance, it’s like a malfunctioning fog machine, working only in spurts and with a total lack of uniform. I’d probably end up in the ditch from staring too long, and I’m sure people actually have.

MMM-POOF. Whatever man, it pays. I don’t need to grasp how the weather works to know that a fat paycheck is a solid win. You can bitch about the rain and cloudy skies all you like, but I’m good with it. Anytime the sun ducks behind a cloud, I smile, knowing I probably helped make that one, even though I guess it could be a Chinese cloud. Like I said, it’s tough to learn about the origins of this stuff. I’d like to believe they’re all ours though. I’ve spent the better part of my life here, and I guess I just want to have a stake in them all.

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