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Tinder in Wonderland

September 17th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Rabbie was nice enough, I suppose, but the watch thing got to me right away. He couldn’t stop checking it under the table while we talked, to the point where I asked if something was wrong with his lap and he didn’t even register I was needling him, only muttering “I’m late, I’m late!” as he had the entire meal. What a bore. I couldn’t wait to escape.

Agreeing to see Hatter was a bigger mistake though. There were definitely hallucinogens in that tea, which made the parade of hats afterward a bit difficult to sort through and remember. It was all off kilter, blurry, strange, but honestly the thing I remember about him the most are those teeth. Stained and gawky and deranged. I didn’t feel comfortable talking to someone wearing a hat again for seven months.

The Knave, was well, nada. He tried to impress me with that thievery trick, but how trite can you be? We went out for coffee, and…ugh, never mind. Just some dumb sucker in the Card Kingdom. I caught a glimpse over his shoulder at the Queen when I dropped him off though. There she was, beheading everyone in sight, when our eyes locked and I knew I’d truly swiped right for the first time. Finally, my Wonderland.

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