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Behind the sphinx

September 4th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

You know, I don’t even mind the whippings that much. Toiling all day in the desert heat gets monotonous, every minute droning into the next with such regularity. Nice to let your flesh open up and breathe a little every now and then, right? Sure, the gashes are painful and make it impossible to sleep, but I’m an insomniac anyway, so even that doesn’t bother me much. Okay, the food sucks. Maybe that’s true.

But no, being enslaved and constructing these pyramids until I’m inevitably crushed beneath a giant stone isn’t the worst way to go through life, is it? The Pharaoh doesn’t seem like such a bad guy to me. I mean, look at that hat! I can’t imagine a villain wearing anything that cool. Granted, I can’t imagine much of anything given the perpetual heat stroke and having never known any other type of life, but still. The way those colors shimmer in the sun!

Anyway, I’m suspicious of this Moses dude. He’s up to something, organizing an underground group and trying to undermine our whole indentured society. Just seems shady. And things are okay the way they are! Why rock the cart? Why does he have to keep spouting off and upsetting everyone? Word travels fast amongst us boulder-draggers and the consensus is that he’s off his camel. Keeps talking about letting “his” people go. Where would we go? Into the sea?

And did you hear the one about the burning bush? What the Ra’s ray is that? The guy’s crazy and I can’t understand why anyone treats him (or his annoying brother Aaron, for that matter) with a scintilla of regard. What gives him the authority to “save us from our plight” anyway? He doesn’t even have a cool hat!

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