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Liquefied inside

August 15th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hi, I’m Jared. I guess I should warn you that I just kind of make that sound. The sloshing. I can’t help it, it just happens, and I had no idea how to bring in up on Tinder. I shouldn’t have waited until we met in person. It’s not like there’s a line for that anyway, right? Ha ha…there is? Oh.

Well, do you still want to go out? Because we ca…oh! Great! Sorry, my sloshing again. Ha ha. Uh, shall we? My car’s just over here. So, you said you were a librari…sorry, sorry, do you mind if we slow down a bit? I just can’t walk too quickly lest I spill…my, um, energy. I want to maintain it throughout our date, you know? *cough*

Listen, can I level with you? I’m basically just full of soup. I know that look. I’ve seen it before, but please don’t freak out or anything, it’s more than half French onion. What? Well, yeah, that is the smell. Can’t really control my breath in this case, you kn…hmmmph. There goes another. Ah.

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