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Ain’t you down with the black and silver?

August 13th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

What the fuck are you looking at? Never seen a guy with a black eye before? Or a bloody nose? Freshly cleft chin is a new one to you too, huh? What’s the matter, haven’t encountered a guy who took an axe to the jaw until today? You’re just some ass who lives next to the country club and the worst thing that’s ever happened in your life is being hit in the shoulder with a errant golf ball, right? Why’re you getting all nervous? Haven’t you ever been to Oakland, motherfucker?

Oh, you haven’t? Well, that’s not so fucking surprising now, is it? Who could have guessed that, you twiggy little shit? You probably should have looked up the Dawg Pound before you bought your seats, don’t you think? We’re fucking real up here, can’t you see that? You think I didn’t get stabbed four times on the way in here? That that shitbag from security didn’t shiv me too? Where the fuck have you been?

And now you think you can tell me I need a doctor? That I’m experiencing severe blood loss, as if I can’t roll with the gameday tide? Where are your fucking seats anyway? Are you sure you aren’t sitting in the butthurt section? You positive you don’t belong with those EMT freaks in the queue outside that are gonna pump me back up with platelets and type O later? Shouldn’t you be down there and getting the fuck out of here, bro? Don’t you think you’re on the wrong fucking stadium level? Do you really think you belong up here with Raiders fucking Nation, bitch?

Wait, did you say you own a business? Yeah? Any chance you guys are hiring?

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