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Lunch stop

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MARVIN GOOSE: Where the honk are we going?

CHARLOTTE GOOSE: South, you idiot.

MARVIN: No, I mean today. Where’s the V stopping for lunch?

CHARLOTTE: Wherever Duane wants, I guess. He’s in the lead today.

MARVIN: Again? Why does he always get to be in honking charge?

CHARLOTTE: Because he’s the only one who can read the compass.

MARVIN: Oh, right.

CHARLOTTE: I just hope he can find another place with a pond and those old people with bread beside it.

MARVIN: Totally. Those are the honking best.

CHARLOTTE: Wait, we’re descending. Look at that green swath down there! And there’s water!

MARVIN: And check out all the walking paths! I can’t wait to dropping the honk out of those!

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