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Damage control

News: President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani seems very confused about collusion and any possible meetings surrounding the infamous Trump Tower one


HOST ALISYN CAMEROTA: And now we have Mr. Giuliani back in the studio after his appearance yesterday. Weren’t you on our network on Sunday as well, sir?

RUDY GIULIANI: I’m not sure.

CAMEROTA: Well, we invited you back on after you explained that people were misconstruing what you were trying to say in yesterday’s media appearances. What do you feel is being distorted?

GIULIANI: First of all, what I said was that there was no meeting prior to the Trump Tower meeting. I want to make that clear.

CAMEROTA: This would be the meeting you claim Michael Cohen has said the President wasn’t at and may or may not have known about?

GIULIANI: Right, except that the President absolutely didn’t know about the meeting. Either meeting, I mean. Certainly not the second one, or the third one. Also not the first one, which he didn’t attend. So he didn’t know about it and wasn’t there, full stop. Oh, it never happened either.

CAMEROTA: Which is the third meeting again?

GIULIANI: It’s the one that Cohen’s lying about! He’s such a snake.

CAMEROTA: I thought you said Michael Cohen lied about the first meeting, assuming that is the one prior to the Trump Tower meeting.

GIULIANI: That’s right. He’s lying about that one, in addition to the third one. The second one too. None of which the President knew about.

CAMEROTA: I’m sorry. Is the Trump Tower meeting the second or third meeting?

GIULIANI: Look, this is simple. The first meeting is the one with Kushner, Gates, Manafort, Don Junior and some other folks that President Trump never knew about. Also, it didn’t happen. That’s the first. The second meeting is the one the President wasn’t at in his office just before the Trump Tower meeting, which is the third one.

CAMEROTA: The President wasn’t in his own office? What was the second meeting regarding again?

GIULIANI: Certainly not collusion! Which, by the way, isn’t a crime. Or even a real word. I tried looking it up and couldn’t find it anywhere.

CAMEROTA: Then what was it about? And President Trump definitely wasn’t there?

GIULIANI: Who can know? Lots of things happen in a campaign. But Trump wasn’t there, no. I’m sure of that. Probably no one else was either.

CAMEROTA: How could it have been a meeting, then?

GIULIANI: What meeting?

CAMEROTA: The second one. The one you just claimed happened but no one attended.

GIULIANI: Who told you that? Was it Cohen? Because he’s a stinking liar! People were definitely there, especially the President. Not that it happened. The first meeting either. Nothing happened, certainly not this so-called collusion. All that occurred was the meeting that Trump Junior attended that the President never knew about and wasn’t a big deal anyway. Understand?


GIULIANI: Well, it’s pretty straightforward. There were two not-meetings and one no-big-deal meeting. That’s it other than the fourth huge-collusion meeting you don’t know about yet.

CAMEROTA: The what?

GIULIANI: Oh, it’s nothing. It’s not illegal to do things that aren’t even real words.

CAMEROTA: Thank you for your time, Mr. Mayor. We’ll be back in a few moments.

GIULIANI (offscreen): Cleaned that up, eh?

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