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Facts vs. opinions

To the Editor:

I have been reading this paper for many years, but I’ve recently noticed a trend of articles in nearly every section that are completely inaccurate. In the age of fake news that we all live in, I believe it is important for my local news source to be able to provide the most truthful reporting available, but this has not been what’s happened. Instead, you run piece after piece by authors with misleading opinions and slanted views that aren’t worth the newsprint they’re inked on. It’s a disgrace to your once-noble paper and very disappointing to me as a long-time subscriber.

To be clear, I believe local news vital to the community and it needs to be heard. But the problem now is that I don’t subscribe to anything the stories say, which makes them easy to identify as peddling lies. There was a time when I would nod along with every sentence I read in the A section, but these days I can only spit out my coffee in disgust as I try to consume these so-called points of view that are obviously designed to antagonize me. It is difficult for me to even imagine why you’ve made this pivot from presenting the truth to showcasing these utter falsehoods that I disagree with, but whatever the reason, it’s sickening.

For instance, take the piece you printed last week about this leftist group called the Democratic Socialists. Who wants to read that commie tripe? The entire submission just went on and on about what the group’s goals are and how they plan to achieve them, and it simply infuriated me that I was being forced to read it. I mean, “we believe everyone has the right to quality health care and an income large enough to support themselves and their families”? How am I supposed to explain to my children that these people want them to live healthy lives and not be enslaved, when you’re helping to put garbage like that out into the world? I don’t agree with any of it, and therefore you should never have allowed it to see the light of day.

Your job is to publish the truth and by instead filling your publication with items that chafe my hermetically sealed worldview, you have done me a grave disservice. I cannot enjoy news if it will not fit into my personal narrative, and so it is with regret that I must cancel my subscription to this newspaper. Going forward I will only be subscribing to my bathroom mirror for updates on the state of the world, which never lies to me about anything, excluding my age, weight and beauty. I wish I could say I’d miss you, but the TRUTH is that I won’t, not even the funny pages, because in addition to the rise of all this fake news, someone stole my sense of humor too.

Moira Myopiaton

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