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Play call

First down
Okay, they know we’re going to rely on our ground game here, because their front seven are famously porous, so they’re expecting a run. We could give it to the back and send him around the left edge, or switch it up a bit and just do a quarterback draw. But you know what? The only way to win against your adversary is the element of surprise. We’ll throw it! Call a slant pattern, that’ll work!

Second down
Fine, it didn’t work. But that’s because the QB was looking too far downfield. That’s where the defense is actually good! The surprise would have worked much better if he just threw it into the slot. Those linebackers are clueless. Anyway, those dummies are probably expecting a run more than ever after that play to set up third and short, which is why they’ll never see the back shoulder fade coming. We’ll run that down the far sideline and these idiots won’t know what hit them!

Third down
Well, a sack isn’t ideal, but we still only have eighteen yards to gain. No problem. This is when they WILL be expecting us to throw, which is why we’ll run the back off tackle. Just what they were thinking on first down, but now their perspective’s all different and we can shock the conscience with the run. Send it in. They’ll never see this coming!

Fourth down
So that lost three yards, but the formation looked okay, right? Maybe there just wasn’t enough surprise in the play call. But you know what’s the most shocking to football coordinators? Fake punts! C’mon, this can’t miss!

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