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Fencing tournament summary

Round One
Electric Fence (1) vs. Chicken Wire Fence (8): This one was over before it started. Of course Electric knew that Chicken Wire’s body is a conductor, and used it to his full advantage. Chicken Wire put up the best fight he could, but it was hopeless for the scrappy last-minute entry.

Invisible Fence (2) vs. Snow Fence (7): The buzz leading up to this match was Snow Fence’s defense, which proved resilient but ultimately was eroded by fatigue in the seventh round. Invisible was true to his style, shocking and unseen.

Barbed Wire Fence (3) vs. Picket Fence (6): A vicious, ugly affair that arguably should have seen Barbed Wire ejected on the brutality clause. Picket put up a noble effort but was savaged badly and is reportedly out of his coma as of this writing.

Chain Link Fence (4) vs. Split Rail Fence (5): This incredible back-and-forth came down to the judges, who narrowly awarded the victory to Split Rail. It could have gone either way, but Chain Link’s lanky form left something to be desired.
Round Two
Electric Fence (1) vs. Split Rail Fence (5): A spectacular upset for the ages! Electric appeared a bit too cocky at first, attempting some hot dogging with searing the rails, when Split Rail went straight for the kill. Propelling all his weight onto Electric in round one, he short circuited his opponent’s strategy in the first two minutes. An amazing win.

Invisible Fence (2) vs. Barbed Wire (3): Invisible employed the same game plan as in round one to great effect and took this in just five rounds. Barbed Wire was overwhelmed from the shocks and exhausted by the unpredictability of the strikes. His resolve was strong but simply not enough.
Final Round
Invisible Fence (2) vs. Split Rail Fence (5): As wonderful as underdog stories are, this one was unfortunately not meant to be. More of the lumbering sort, Split Rail was confounded by the elusiveness of Invisible and his defense suffered massively. His offensive strategy dissipated in similar fashion. After eight rounds, he could no longer support his own weight. Invisible wins for the first time since 2012.

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