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She hugs me. What more could I want? There are long stretches during the day when I’m alone, and I won’t pretend the loneliness isn’t a burden, but most nights she’s back and we’re snuggling again. So it’s all worth it. I’d trade every ounce of my stuffing to freeze time right now, to never let things change. But I’m not naive.

The clock keeps ticking and people grow up. Even glossy plastic eyes can see that. The thing so many kids miss about the cartoons they watch is the sadness. That’s for the adults, for those whose only wish is to trap the present and embrace it forever. Because adults know that you get older and eventually leave it all behind. I know that too.

But she loves me now, and I am very lucky for that. I may well be rotting in a landfill on her wedding day, but so be it. Life is what you make it and now will last forever in my mind. She hugs me.

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