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A party in the Hundred Acre Wood

Pooh didn’t want to tell them. Sadness didn’t make anything better, he knew, and why spoil now? Now was nice, even if later didn’t promise the same. So he ambled his way toward Christopher Robin’s house, though a bit slower than usual. His chest was aching quite a lot, but there would be honey there, so he limped on with determination.

Piglet came running up as Pooh passed his house. “Are you going to Christopher Robin’s now, Pooh? There’s some kind of party!” Piglet exclaimed. “I am, I am,” said Pooh. “You’re walking a little funny, Pooh. Are you okay?” asked Piglet. “I’m sure I’m okay,” said Pooh. “I’m sure of it.” They walked on together.

The party was fun for everyone. Piglet worried, Rabbit clockwatched, Owl bloviated. Kanga monitored Roo, who adventured about as Eeyore moped. Tigger bounced, of course. Christopher Robin sat with Pooh, who looked tired. Everyone agreed the cake was delicious, even Eeyore.

Then it seemed it was time to go and Pooh became sad, thinking how this might never happen again. The aches had returned to his chest, but then Christopher Robin stood up and offered a toast. “To Pooh bear, my very best friend,” said Christopher Robin, and Pooh suddenly felt terrific. He thought it might just be the best day he’d ever had.

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