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The soundtrack to your life

Romantic, right? A soundtrack to your life. A song from your wedding, from your junior high musical, what you sang along to in the car during your first big career break, hell yeah. That’s an amazing soundtrack. Cool goal, but is that your life? Because nobody, especially you, recalls it that way.

Remember the song you lost your virginity to with a person you loathe, thinking about them now? Or the one with lyrics that trigger your worst memories of childhood but still has that killer rhythm you can’t get enough of? The band’s encore set from that lone night back in college when you felt free from all gravity? The hymns from your mother’s funeral?

I’m simply saying it’s not an honest idea. It’s a fantasy. The soundtrack to your life is multi-layered and complex. Yours is just as Zappa-level weird as everyone else’s and that’s fine! I’d say you should embrace it!

Yours and mine and everybody’s soundtrack is a bunch of monkey noises and cars honking. It’s garbage. Shit. And it’s okay — great! — because frankly, that’s what everybody else’s sounds like too, but you’ll never hear that orated or defended, will you?

So play the hits if you like, but don’t worry about your epitaph until you’re reincarnated.

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