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Lay down the kinilaw

He says I should cooperate
To not cause an improper wait
Because they already know I did the crime
I reply that I’m innocent
He need not bother this poor gent
Who’s just a random yutz from Anaheim

So he claims they have a witness
Who can prove my lies are citrus
I feel my heart palpitate for a brief moment
He elaborates what he means
Says he was in the Philippines
And ate lime-cured fish during Lent

Is that kinilaw I inquire
As I begin to perspire
He narrows his eyes and says that’s exactly right
I cough and mutter what I meant
Is that vinegar’s its agent
That and not citrus is what creates its special bite

He says that’s true but I also know
And these things will come as a blow
One is that you’re a felon flounder in disguise
The second is I spend each day
Just yearning to try ceviche
Then he sprays me with lime and well here’s my demise

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