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You’re one of the good guys?

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Oh, really? How did you arrive at that conclusion? You saw someone terrible somewhere and rated yourself as morally superior to them, was that it? Is it because you feel you generally at least try to do the right thing, and thereby you deserve to be on the positive side of the meritorious ledger? Are you so sure about that?

You’re a human, right? Shouldn’t that automatically disqualify you? Or by “good guy” are you thinking of something more simplistic, like an action movie hero? Do you think of yourself as the one person in the crowd who would run toward the danger instead of away from it, as a noble effort to protect others? Do you really believe that’s you, someone whose reaction to peril is something other than fear? What if we say it is, even if it isn’t? Do you qualify as a good guy now? Does a moment of valor outstrip everything else?

If we add up all the positive things you’ve done in your life and then subtract all the negative things, are you actually confident the total would be in your favor? Are you truly recognizing all the hurt you’ve left in your wake when you say that? Have you considered how much pain you’ve created that you’ve never even known about? Don’t you burden yourself with stings and barbs from people who never realized the damage they were causing you? Why should you be any different?

Or do you think that positive deeds should count for more than negative ones? Can’t you detect the arrogance in a statement like that, or at the least the childishness? You don’t think there are billions and billions of people out there who haven’t had nearly the number of opportunities to inflict the harm you have? Haven’t you had ample occasion to present yourself as the bearer of goodness and utterly failed more times than not along the way? When you think of all the others who will never have your platform or chance to achieve all that you haven’t, how can you rank yourself above them? How can you seriously single yourself out as special?

You’re one of the good guys? Shouldn’t you know better?

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