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Respect the form

Haiku: syllabic poem
Japanese for dumb

While a limmerick
Goes by less quick
It still picks up steam
With its rhyming scheme
But it’s all just a shtick

A sonnet’s a free-flowing word-throwing
Mess of ideas, reaping and sowing
You count out ten syllables for each line
And then do that for fourteen times with rhymes
It’s fun, it’s goofy, you might feel woozy
You zig and zag and need not be choosy
As long as you maintain ten and fourteen
You really don’t have to stick to the scheme
Maybe say fuck it and do what you want
Grab this brick and hurl it through the storefront
JUST BREAK SOMETHING; I hate fucking poems
And structure and margins and high low hems
It should just meander like a rainstorm
Instead it’s still trapped within this stern form

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