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The silver lining

Some say a nor’easter is a pain in the keister
Though I find the experience thrilling
But then I’m on a panel for the Weather Channel
Where those storms always get the top billing

The rain and the sleet, snow piled up three feet
I could ramble on television all morning
The barometer dips and I lick at my lips
For my chance to issue a storm warning

Folks always panic and get rather manic
Then rush out to get more milk and bread
I do try my best to calmly suggest
The audience not be burdened with dread

But I get elated as the forecast’s updated
And you can’t help but notice it onscreen
So folks still quake when they see that first flake
Then head to the market to make a huge scene

So now I get wise when the clouds grow in size
And snag all the milk and bread that can be bought
Then I tell viewers if they’re supply pursuers
I’m selling them from my trunk in the parking lot

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