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I am Februarius

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I am Februarius, the slighted. Once again the humans rejoice at the sight of my retreat into the distance as Martius approaches. In annual tradition, they sling snide jabs at my back as the earth continues its solar revolution: I am the coldest month. I exist strictly when winter’s aura is one of eternity. I contain the pagan love celebration. The scorn is palpable each occasion I appear. My kismet was sealed long ago.

I was sired by King Nuna Pompilius upon his realization of the intolerability of Romulus’ creation of a mere ten months, which left an empty void on the calendar post-harvest. My brother Ianuarius was birthed in the same fashion. Together we have spanned the divide, but while Ian was given possession of 29 days, I received one fewer. Pompilius was a superstitious man who concluded even numbers signified ruinous fortune. The complete calendar was 355 sunrises then, which signaled one of we twelve had to possess an even digit. That burden was mine and it was not lifted when the year was expanded by ten days, nor at any moment since, outside of the humans’ novelty vaulting years.

Thus I am truncated, mocked and derided by my peers and loathed by humankind. Gratefully, the custom is not global, though more of the humans live in the northern climes and therefore their majority still possess a venomous posture toward me. I have given them those they consider geniuses: Galileo Gaililei. Susan B. Anthony. Darwin, Edison, Copernicus. It represents naught. These self-absorbed minds pine only for my shadow to eclipse the horizon, for Martius to issue his fractionally warmer breath. They reek of loathing.

It is a dispiriting plane upon which to exist, yet I have nowhere else to seek. The one additional sunset each fourth year is the most I can acquire. It is still an amount lesser than my siblings and offers nothing to placate the misanthropic humans. This is my onus. I do not shirk it. I righteously offer a breastbone of strength against the tide of rancor. I am undeterred and I will return. I am Februarius.

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