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Now a-course ah know the Crimsun fuckin’ Tahde won it a month ago, but just a-watchin’ that there Super Bowl made me wanna shoot up some shit! Hell if that shit ain’t excahtin’ an dint remahde me a that glorious fuckin’ Championship Game! Gawd damn! Well, ah went an fuckin’ grabbed mah rahfle an kissed mah wahfe an ROLL DAMN TAHDE ah said an ran out the fuckin’ door.

Ah’d been a-drinkin’ so ah figgered ah’d set out on foot. Well shit if ah dint fuckin’ trip on the fuckin’ sahdewalk an set off the fuckin’ gun straight away. Gawd damn! Bullit flahs straight out the barrel an inta this lil’ kid’s head inna stroller. Fuckin’ dead rahght thar. Looked at the mama an said ROLL DAME TAHDE. We hahgh fahved and ah was on mah fuckin’ way.

Damned if next ah dint hit ‘pon Ronnie’s Gas an figger id be a fuckin’ hoot ta shoot the damn pumps. So ah take mah aim an just then Ronnie runs awt yellin’ ya fucker ya shit! So ah points the rahfle his way an he starts in with the ah’m sorry oh Gawd shit, so ah shoot ‘im in the shoulder but miss an hit his head. His wahfe is a-fuckin’ sobbin’ an blubberin’ an ah just say ROLL DAMN TAHDE an she nods. Ah keep a-fuckin’ walkin’.

That’s bout when ah figgered it was tahme ta head home so ah fuckin’ turn and what do ah see but a ahdlin’ empty car. So ah jump in the fucker an drahve straight inta the fuckin’ pump. Then ah shot the fucker too an that’s when it fuckin’ blew up. Ah was trapped in the fuckin’ car an on fahre when the fahremen showed up so ah just said ROLL DAMN TAHDE an they let me burn ta fuckin’ death fir some reason.

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