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Hezbollah the horse

February 3rd, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hezbollah the horse
Had charted his course
But holding him back was his name
He heard all the time
He was terrorist swine
He felt angry, resentful, ashamed

The scene was Belmont
A man started to taunt
Called Hez “equestrian satan”
Though his best retort
Was only to snort
Hezbollah’s spine fully straightened

He knew his mission
Deliver perdition
Not ’cause he was Beelzebub
But since it’s bullshit
To just have to sit
And field unwarranted snubs

He charged the poor schmuck
But who gives a fuck
It’s a wonder you’re still here reading
Hez’s likely okay
And munching some hay
Or alone, neutered and bleeding

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