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DAN: And welcome to another episode of Real Sports Speak and Spell It Out! I’m your host Dan! My guest today is Charlie!

CHARLES: Charles.

DAN: And do we ever have some things to cover today! Oh my! Woo! What a week, Chuck!

CHARLES: Stop that. But yes, the football was amazing this past week. There’s so much to cover there alone. Nothing that special this week in the sports world otherwise.

DAN: Nothing that special?! Didn’t you see the dunk?! The DUNK!! It was, like, the…the dunk! How did you not see it? It was the-

CHARLES: I saw it. I just mean we just had an amazing NCAA Championship game last Monday and three of the four NFL Divisional playoff games over the weekend were incredible. Comparatively, we should be talking football is all I’m saying.

DAN: But the dunk! He just slammed it down! BOOM! Didn’t you even see it? I can’t believe you didn’t see it! Over the top! Oh man! It’s the DUNK!!

CHARLES: I told you, I saw it. I just understood the format of this show to be us discussing a theme for the week, i.e. “spelling it out”? Those were the notes I was emailed. So, I thought talking about…the dunk…would just be unnecessary filler and a waste of listeners’ time.

DAN: I can’t believe you didn’t see it. So epic. Woo!

CHARLES: Okay, sure.

DAN: Hell yeah, sure. But the dunk wasn’t the only awesome thing this week, right, Chip? I think there may have also been some CRAZY FOOTBALL ACTION WHAT WHAT!! Am I right? Oh man!

CHARLES: (pause) Yes. There was.

DAN: So epic! BANANAS!!

CHARLES: For starters, Philadelphia overcame an early defic-

DAN: Philly in the house! Yeah! Woo! WHAT!

CHARLES: (pause) Yes, they won.

DAN: Awww yeah! CRAZY FOOTBALL, BABY! Okay, we’ll be back after these words from our sponsors.


CHARLES: What on earth are you doi-

DAN: I can’t believe you didn’t see the dunk! Oh man!

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