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What does it mean?

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Wouldn’t you like to know? Doesn’t everyone want to be in on the joke? Or are people too self-serious now? Do you think the internet made people that way? Do you think it’s rewired all of our brains? Is our consciousness nothing but a collection of misguided, misfiring neurons that are little more than sheep in the face of an avalanche of stimuli, simply doing what others do out of sheer confused helplessness? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Or would you? Is it better to be ignorant than informed and worried? What could be worse than knowing nothing, other than infinite knowledge? Can you even imagine that? Could you fathom processing the depth of suffering in the world? Would you be able to cope, knowing every action of yours and everyone else’s inevitably harms the world around you in some fractional way? Can you even consider it without lying to yourself about how you would react? Do you really want to know?

Do you believe in religion or spirituality? Why? Why not? Is there something out there beyond ourselves, something omnipresent? Does that give you comfort or frighten you? Do you actually want to know the truth, or is it better to live a lie, a fantasy? Is there a difference? Have you lain awake at night, staring into the darkness and been convinced you see something you know isn’t there? Is that a good or bad feeling? Or is the uncertainty normal? Is that what you want to know?

What’s the point? What’s the use? Should you pretend to know for the sake of other people, for children? Does that help? Do you feel safe in your community? Do your colleagues and friends think like you? Are they decisive? Do they teeter? Which is worse? Does it matter? Is it truer to be the cog helping the great machine run, or the anarchist sabotaging the fucking thing? Could you ever know?

Why even consider it? Why pick at this needlessly when you can live merrily, uninformed and blissful? Is there a benefit to swirling about an eddy of existentialism? Is there anything more to our dizzying expanse than simple doubt and blind faith? Isn’t that where we return? Could you say that those two things are all we truly have at the end of the world? Wouldn’t you like to know?

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